TMConfigurator Setup Software.
Simple. Intuitive.


The new, simple and intuitive TMConfigurator software allows the configuration of anything from single sensors over complete intersections up to multi-intersection networks and highway installations.

See how a complex intersection can be set up in a short time using TMConfigurator.



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TMConfigurator Configuration Wizard

The new TMConfigurator Installation Wizard makes planning and field installation of sensors simple, as an intuitive step-by-step guide starting with site planning over sensor selection and configuration to physically installing the radar at an intersection. Just one simple window for settings, and a map for the visualization, TMConfigurator helps and explains all settings. Remarkable features are "local awareness" and "guided alignment", meaning that the sensor itself provides feedback to the installer about where it is mounted and how well it is physically aligned/pointed towards the area of an intersection which shall be covered.


Current Release

Note: This software is protected against reverse engineering using Themida (a commercial software encryption tool). Some virus scan engines might complain. smartmicro assures that no viruses or any harmful code is contained in the TMConfigurator software provided under the provided link.


System Requirements

- 1.8 GHz (Dual-Core)
- 4 GB RAM
- 500 GB HD
- Graphic Board supporting DirectX 9
- Windows 7/8/10
- Internet connection 

Download TMConfigurator Software

Current Version 2.4.2, English






Interface hardware:

- Specific RS485 adapter (any RS485 adapter that is fully supported by Windows. For extended outdoor testing, adapters with built-in surge suppression are recommended)
- Specific CAN Card or USB CAN adapter (Lawicel, Softing or Vector)

- Video Grabber or Web Cam with internal compression (MJPG/H264)