Traffic Radar Accessories

Smartmicro has developed a wide range of accessories to provide interfacing to intersection or pole cabinets, to simplify installation, facilitate alignment and test etc. Among those are cabinet cards, brackets, cables, target simulators and more.

Third party equipment like field controllers, cables, communication modules etc. are certified by Smartmicro, recommended models are listed, test reports are available on request. 


In order to mount and adjust sensors a wide range of brackets can be used.
Download data sheet (pdf).


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Cables and Junction Boxes

The Smartmicro Junction Box offers a universal and easy to use field installable way of
connecting and surge protecting to the home run cable.

Download data sheet (pdf)


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TMIB Cabinet Card (SDLC and Relay Contacts)

The Smartmicro Traffic Management Interface Board (TMIB) connects up to four UMRR Radar sensors to NEMA TS1 or TS2 cabinets (rack mount version); or to other traffic controllers (shelf mount version).

1st Generation TMIB

2nd Generation TMIB

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Relay Interface

The Sensor Relay Option (SRO) module supports any application which requires contact closures attached to the sensor. It features 8 configurable solid state relays which can be chosen as either normally-open (NO) or normally-closed (NC).


Download data sheet (pdf)

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Communication Modules

In order to enable wired or wireless network operation Smartmicro has certified the following communication modules.

  • Moxa NPort 5150a
  • Moxa OnCell G3150
  • Moxa NPort 5450


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Alignment and Installation Tools


The EKTSDG-010101 (Elektronic K-band Target Simulator/ Doppler Generator) is a battery powered handheld portable moving target simulator for K-band (24GHz) Radar sensors. 
It can be used for:

  • alignment of sensors in the field at installation time
  • field or lab calibration and year-by-year inspection
  • general functional testing in the field and in the lab.

This device was specifically developed to work with Smartmicro 24GHz sensors. It is capable to simulate a moving target in distances up to 100m and can for instance be placed close to a stop line of an intersection to check the alignment of one or multiple radar sensors.
A software generated modulation signal allows generation of low distortion and directional Doppler signals from 44Hz to 13,4kHz corresponding to any speeds from 1km/h to 300km/h.

Download data sheet (pdf)

Download setup software


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Calibration Tools

TSDG Radar Target Simulator

The TSDG is a highly integrated, 19” rack mountable radar target simulator, which is capable of simulating a single target with programmable Doppler shift and RCS. Multi target generation is optionally possible.All settings can be programmed over Ethernet. The TSDG receives the radar sensor signal via an antenna connected to its input, a programmable synthesizer converts the frequency down to an intermediate frequency (IF). A second individually programmable synthesizer converts the frequency back up before it gets transmitted back to the radar sensor by a second antenna.

The delta frequency between the two synthesizers defines the Doppler shift of the signal. The RCS of a radar target can also be adjusted by programming of a variable attenuator inside the TSDG. Real time delays can be realized with the TSDG by inserting a coaxial cable or fiber optic media converter into the IF signal path.

Three models are available in the TSDG family:

  • TSDG-0000xx supports both the 24 GHz and 76-81 GHz bands
  • TSDG-0001xx supports the 24 GHz band
  • TSDG-0002xx supports the 76-81 GHz band

The single band models (0001xx, 0002xx) can be upgraded to work with sensors in all supported frequency bands by adding an additional frequency converter (hardware option).


Download data sheet (pdf) for TSDG-0000xx (preliminary)

Download data sheet (pdf) for TSDG-0001xx

Download data sheet (pdf) for TSDG-0002xx (preliminary)

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