Automotive Radar Downloads

Sensor Data Sheets

UMRR-11 Type 44 Automotive 4D/HD

UMRR-11 Type 45 Automotive 4D/HD

UMRR-11 Type 132 Automotive 4D/UHD

UMRR-8F Type 146 Automotive 4D/HD

UMRR-0C Type 40 Automotive 3D/HD

UMRR-0C Type 42 Automotive 3D/UHD

UMRR-0C Type 43 Automotive 4D/UHD

Accessories Data Sheets

UMRR Bracket Data Sheet

EKTSDG Target Simulator Doppler Generator

TSDG-0000xx Radar Target Simulator for 24 and 76-81 GHz

TSDG-0001xx Radar Target Simulator for 24 GHz

TSDG-0002xx Radar Target Simulator for 76-81 GHz


Product Brochure

Automotive Radar Product Brochure


Drive Recorder Download

Note: This software is protected against reverse engineering using Themida (a commercial software encryption tool). Some virus scan engines might complain. Smartmicro assures that no viruses or any harmful code is contained in the TMC software provided under the link above.

Sensor Repair (RMA)

RMA Process.pdf