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smartmicro offers Radar sensor design, development and production services.

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Below you may find more information on the special know-how of Smartmicro experts, the professional equipment and brand-new company facilities, as well as our innovative technology.

smartmicro is the right partner for your Automotive and Industrial Radar sensors.

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Automated End Of Line Test and Calibration

smartmicro has a fully automated solution for end-of-line testing and calibration of 4D/HD high end sensors with multiple TX and RX antennas. Connected to a target simulator, it allows extremely precise measurements for azimuth and elevation angle, range and speed. More than 100 parameters are checked.

Find the high-resolution version of the video here on our YouTube channel.

Radar System Design.

  • Functional requirements analysis.
  • Radar system requirements breakdown.
  • Antenna design, development and evaluation.
  • Transmit waveform design.
  • Digital signal processing (software) design, efficient encoding.
  • RF modules design and development.
  • Digital (signal processing) modules design.
  • Test specifications and compliance testing.

Radar Product Development, Testing, Manufacturing, Qualification.

  • High volume automotive radar sensor development.
  • Medium volume non-automotive product development.
  • Radar field testing.
  • Product qualification.
  • Automated end-of-line test solutions for production.
  • Quality and safety compliant automotive process.

Radar Application / Function Development.

  • Automotive Radar.
  • Traffic Radar.
  • Security Radar.
  • Airborne Radar.
  • Operation of multiple radars in networks, sensor fusion.
  • Interference avoidance and suppression.
  • Flexible communication interfaces.

Radar Signal Processing Software.

  • V-model software development process.
  • Software design tools.
  • Specification / traceablity tools.
  • Version control / issue tracking system.
  • Code analysis, integrity testing, module testing.
  • SPICE & ASIL compliance.

Radar Circuit Design and PCB Layout, CAD.

  • Digital and RF schematics design.
  • Latest automotive RFIC solutions, SiGe and CMOS @24, 77 and 79GHz.
  • PCB layout and housing/radome CAD.
  • Cost optimization.
  • In-house prototype assembly and testing. 

Radar Embedded Software Development.

  • Highly efficient implementation of Radar algorithms.
  • Special embedded know-how for dedicated auto-Radar multi-core processors.
  • DSP/MCU emulating, tracing, signal analysis.
  • Including NXP, TI, ADI, Intel and Xilinx FPGA.
  • Comm. software for RS458, CAN(FD), Flexray, Eth. stacks.
  • Embedded Linux, RTOS, VxWorks.

Radar RF Module Design

  • Power budget, signal chain, quality and band width design.
  • Signal sources, mixers, filters and amplifiers design.
  • RFIC to antenna i/f design.
  • RFIC to digital i/f design.
  • RF Performance analysis.

Radar Antenna Design

  • Array antennas, series arrays, manifolds.
  • Slot coupled and thru-fed antennas.
  • Azimuth and elevation measurement.
  • Digital beam forming, MIMO, virtual arrays.
  • Radome design, bumper distortion compensation.
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Antenna Measurement Chambers.

Smartmicro operates one of the largest anechoic chambers in northern Germany with dimensions 18x6x5m. It features a turntable for antenna azimut and elevation measurements. Sensors can be tested from -40 to +85°C while being in the chamber. Five smaller anechoic chambers are available for development and production. Calibrated target simulators are used to create echos from 20m to 20km range, any speed and a wide range of amplitudes. Precision pan-tilt suspensions for very precise antenna characterization.

RF Development and Measurement Equipment.

Signal source analyzers, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, power meters and other calibrated RF measurement equipment, calibrated antennae, calibrated reflectors are running in the Smartmicro labs. ADS Momentum, Empire (TM) and other design software are used. Instruments are available for frequencies up to 100GHz, and for Radar bandwidths up to 2GHz @79GHz.

Radar Qualification Lab.

The Smartmicro Radar qualification lab allows long term testing of products, especially HTOL, accelerated aging etc. Interface tests are run like for CAN(FD), ethernet, relay and LED drivers. 

Angle Measurement / Distortion Test Stand.

For the measurement of the exact behavior of radar sensors mounted behind plastic parts, which measure azimuth and elevation. Testing is possible with Radar sensor attached at final production location on a vehicle, hidden behind a bumper. Very precise antenna distortion behavior characterization. Testing is possible for all types of cars equipped with radars.

200m² Automotive Test Hall.

The Smartmicro vehicle test hall is located adjacent to the Radar test lab. Engineers may test in the lab, then go on a vehicle for road tests. Fitting, aligning and calibrating radars on test cars is possible. Moreover automotive OEM's end-of-line test setups are tested here.

EMC / Temperature / Climatic Test Chambers.

For pre-qualification of Radar sensors, manual and automated sensor test and qualification is possible in the Smartmicro facilities for radiated & conducted emissions, power supply testing, temperature, humidity and IP test cases.

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High End Electronic Target Simulators.

Smartmicro offers high end calibrated electronic target simulators for X-band (9-10GHz), K-band (24GHz) and W-band (76-81GHz), for target ranges from 8m to 20km, any Doppler frequency and high dynamic range. Latest models feature > 2GHz bandwidth for 79GHz Radar development. Multi-target capable.

Data Logging and 360° Mapping.

Drive Recorder and Smartframe are Smartmicro development tools which allow data logging, visualization and play-back in real-time. Mapping of stationary reflections is possible. Data interfaces are available for CAN(FD), GBit ethernet, RS485 and video.

Antenna and RF Technology

Smartmicro offers Radar sensors in these bands:

  • 9...10GHz (18km long range sensors).
  • 24.0...24.25GHz (narrow band sensors).
  • 76...77GHz.
  • 77...81GHz (wide bandwidth sensors).

On-Board Attitude Sensors

Smartmicro Radar models can be fitted with 6-axis attitude sensors which allow pan/tilt/yaw angle and x/y/z acceleration measurement.

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