Drive Recorder

DriveRecorder is a powerful tool for visualization, monitoring, recording and playback and remote control of Smartmicro Radar data and synchronized digital video. It is designed to receive all kind of data (typically detected reflectors) from Radar or other types of sensors.DriveRecorder is easy to install and your ready-to-run software solution to interface Smartmicro sensors.

Smartmicro ships Radar sensors along with this software which will allows you to simply connect the Radar to power and to a notebook PC and see Radar data and correct operation in only 15 minutes.

DriveRecorder has also fully user configurable desktops and can be used for many kinds of visualization, data export to MATLAB or Excelformat, sending commands to the Radars or for downloading new software to the sensors. In case of technical problems recordings can be taken quickly by the customer and sent to Smartmicro engineers for analysis. Digital video streams can be recorded synchronously with the data messages from multiple Radar sensors.

Features And Interfaces Options

Drive Recorder is a powerful data logging and visualization software which provides the following functions:

  • Displays field of view and all detected, tracked and classified objects in a 2D or 3D view in real time.
  • Receives, logs, plays back and displays data from multiple connected sensors coming from any available physical interface.
  • Displays streams of digital video cameras which may be connected to the radar network for documentation purposes.
  • Monitors sensor status and self test results.
  • Allows software upload or command transmission to sensors.
  • Provides options for export of data to standard formats like MATLAB or *.csv.
  • Fully configurable to the individual traffic management installation and to the user's preference

Data Sheet

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